Automated medication dispensing system KLVS KirbyLester

Automated medication dispensing system KLVS KirbyLester

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KLVS — Full pharmacist verification capabilities, in one small unit The Kirby Lester Verification Station (KLVS) completes the workflow circle with Kirby Lester?s full line of dispensing & verification systems. The KLVS is a convenient, economical pharmacist check station that maximizes Kirby Lester?s built-in workflow software. Network to KL20, KL30 or KL60, Plus PMS - The KLVS interfaces seamlessly with your existing pharmacy system for real-time data exchange. The KLVS also integrates with Kirby Lester?s KL20, KL30 and KL60 devices. Maximize Workflow Software - The KLVS easy-to-use workflow software can be turned on/off as desired. Use it with your existing wired connections or go wireless, relocating the KLVS to where it performs best. Avoid Workflow Bottlenecks - The KLVS allows for an efficient separation of labor. While the pharmacy technicians dispense medications using a KL20, KL30 or KL60, the pharmacist can verify all orders at the KLVS. This decreases the potential for wasted time. Manual Pick Station - The KLVS easily functions as a manual pick station for all medications not being dispensed by a Kirby Lester counting & verification device. 100% Verification Process - Onscreen drug image, fingerprint verification and complete patient Rx data enable the pharmacist to verify all orders - oral solids and unit-of-use medications.
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