Automatic hematology analyzer BC-5300 Mindray

Automatic hematology analyzer BC-5300 Mindray

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The advanced BC-5300 Auto Hematology Analyzer is a bench-top device designed with high technology to provide consistent and accurate hematology results. Windows based software provides modern features to improve workflow. It has no maintenance cost and it contains an auto cleaning system, which makes the day to day easier. The excellent accuracy is provided by the laser scatter differential of the product. To distinguish white blood cells through complexity of granule and size of cell, semiconductor laser scatter is provided with the instrument. For separation of cell groups with high accuracy, it has patented cluster algorithms. In-built flagging information is present which identifies abnormal samples. In one minute, the five-part report can be prepared using just 20uL blood. Capillary blood and whole blood samples are supported in open vial. In CBC+DIFF testing the requirement of blood sample is 20uL and for test of CBC it is 15uL. It allows throughput of 60 samples in an hour.

Keji 12th Road, South High-tech Industrial Park, Mindray Building
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