Automatic hematology analyzer / 19-parameter BC-3000Plus Mindray

Automatic hematology analyzer / 19-parameter BC-3000Plus Mindray

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BC-3000Plus is an analyzer intended for laboratories that want accurate results. Its color LCD display is large. It has a built-in thermal printer and has a big storage capacity. The hematology analyzer is easy to use and provides you with the convenience as well as the accuracy of a reference laboratory for better value and lower costs. It features three-part differentiation of WBC including 19 parameters +3 histograms. It has two counting modes: prediluted and whole blood. It can handle 60 samples per hour and can also do micro sampling of 13 ul. Moreover, diluting, lyzing, rinsing, mixing, and unclogging are done automatically. It can store up to 35,000 samples results.

Keji 12th Road, South High-tech Industrial Park, Mindray Building
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