Automatic hematology analyzer BC-5800 Mindray

Automatic hematology analyzer BC-5800 Mindray

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Mindray features BC-5800, Auto Hematology Analyzer as one of the latest additions in field of one-stop hematology workstation, providing extra values for medium-sized labs. Answering the burgeoning requirements for accurate diagnostic decisions and high quality read-outs, BC-5800 offers a dependable chemical dye method, re-exam rule customization and whole 5-part differential menu. With touch screen operation and 90 tests per hour test speed the system serves as a streamline routine workflow and one-stop workstation in a hematology lab. The Laser scatter differential accounts for outstanding accuracy. The semi-conductor laser is scattered for differentiating white blood cells by granule complexity and cell size. The device incorporates patented cluster algorithm in order to segregate cell groups with great accuracy. The Intuitive flagging information helps in determining abnormal samples. Increased walk-away automation and fast throughput is ensured by optional autoloader of 2 types with 100 or 50 tube capacity. This supports both the capillary blood samples as well as the entire blood. With a throughput of 90 tests per hour Auto Hematology Analyzer perform STAT test with outstanding efficiency in open vial mode.

  • Operation:automatic
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