Automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel RACK ROTOR Behnk Elektronik

Automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel RACK ROTOR Behnk Elektronik

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– Classic Coagulation – Chromogenic Testing – Immunological Testing – Integrated Barcode Management – Equipped With Two Rotors For Non-Stop Operation The cuvette Plasma and reagent are simultaneously but separately incubated in the same cuvette; fine partitions in the floor of the cuvette prevent the fluids from flowing together. The 4-fold cuvette bar is integrated into a transportation system, and up to 58 bars for 232 tests can be loaded for testing in the storage stack. The measuring process Cuvette bars are transported from the stack to the pipetting station. After pipetting is completed, the bar is transported by sequential timing controls through three incubation positions which simultaneously incubate both sample and reagent to 37°C. The bar then moves into the measuring block which tips the cuvette down by 90° into a vertical position. The steel ball, plasma and reagent are forced down to the bottom of the cuvette where the ball starts rotating and thereby mixes the fluids. The measuring system A circulating magnet underneath the cuvette causes a steel ball to rotate, leading to the sample being very quickly and smoothly mixed. The ball binds and concentrates the developing fibrin strands in the optical light path, assuring optimal signal detection. The coagulation process is monitored by computer and compared to internal standards. In the case of a deviation, the test result is marked with an error flag. An automatic filter changer enables additional measurements such as chromogenic substrates and immunology, which are measured with 405 nm and 546 nm.
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