Automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel Compact X Behnk Elektronik

Automatic coagulation analyzer / 4-channel Compact X Behnk Elektronik
Compact X

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The Compact X measuring system works with all standard reagents. It processes both classic clotting tests and chromogenic tests such as AT III and D-Dimer. Working with the Compact X is extremely effective due to the sample and reagent areas, which can be accessed at any time. The user-friendly software offers all the functions which are expected from a modern laboratory device. One example of this is the display of reaction curves in real-time. Another example is the intelligent liquid level detection system which lets you have your eye on the reagent levels at all times. All relevant test parameters such as reactions, reagent data and QC-results are stored in a data base for later processing. The Thrombolyzer Compact X is the perfect partner for the small lab. It is compact, dependable and effective.
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