Aspirating cannula / arterial TRANSMINAR MAQUET

Aspirating cannula / arterial TRANSMINAR MAQUET

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The Arterial suction cannula from MAQUET is made from blood-compatible and tissue-friendly material. The TRANSMINAR cannula is state of art and comes with line markings to facilitate positioning, totally transparent and high strength tip and ultra-thin walls for higher degree of flexibility. Smooth inner wall that extends along the entire length of the TRANSMINAR cannula ensures excellent flow performance which minimizes the risk of haemolysis. MAQUET manufactures a varied range of cannulas as various models and sizes are needed to suit individual anatomical needs. The MAQUET's TRANSMINAR cannulas come in 20, 22 and 24 Fr with a range of connectors. The MAQUET's TRANSMINAR cannulas also come with straight or curved tip and with a choice of ring or flange. The micropore vent plug is a standard feature in all TRANSMINAR cannulae as it provides automatic ventilation during cannulation of the aorta.
  • Medical procedure:arterial, aspirating
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