Sertera® Biopsy Device

Sertera® Biopsy Device
Ultrasound-guided Breast Biopsy

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A revolutionary core needle biopsy device
The Sertera biopsy device is the newest member of the Hologic ultrasound-guided breast biopsy family and is available in multiple gauge sizes. It is lightweight and designed to be completely armed and fired with one hand, making the Sertera biopsy device the perfect choice for core needle biopsies.

In fact, 9 out of 10 said it's easy to use.

In an initial trial, 95% of physicians stated that the Sertera biopsy device was easy to arm and fire and allowed for one-handed operation.

Featuring a pre-fire option, the device provides reassurance that the needle aperture is directly visualized under ultrasound. Special features provide the following benefits:

Outstanding control
- HandForm™ design enables one-handed operation.
- Ergonomic and lightweight device fits comfortably in a variety of hand sizes.
- Two firing modes provide precise control, allowing you to confidently verify sampling area.

Quality cores
- Unique needle design supports acquisition of large representative tissue samples in as few needle passes as possible.

Easier access
- Pre-fire option for an easier approach to difficult-to-access lesions.
- Fire and acquire capability facilitates penetration of mobile or dense lesions.

Sertera biopsy device:
- Gauge: 12 gauge & 14 gauge
- Length: 11.5 cm
- Aperture: 19 mm

- Sertera introducer:
12-gauge and 14-gauge introducer sets for use with the Sertera biopsy device feature a luer fitting for a secure fit and smooth transition during marker deployment, as well as a quick-release thumb latch that allows for anesthetic delivery with aspiration option.

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