SecurXchange® Workflow Solutions

SecurXchange® Workflow Solutions
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IT workflow solutions for unique needs

Data flow optimized
Transmission of digital mammography data can create network bottlenecks and delay interpretation. SecurXchange routers and archives automate the transfer of DICOM objects to enhance workflow.

Enterprise image visualization
3DView™ web-based viewer enables non-diagnostic viewing of 2D and 3D Mammography™ images. Secure access to images eases the patient care process for breast surgeons, technologists and referring physicians.

Scalable, expandable and secure

Challenging workflow, flexible solutions
An increasingly complex healthcare IT environment demands powerful and flexible solutions to streamline workflow and increase efficiency.

SecurXchange Router offers customizable transmission of images based on organizational needs. Pre- and post-fetching of mammography, as well as other multi-modality images, are supported via HL7 and DICOM Modality Worklist.

Affordable storage that grows with your practice
With several storage size options, archive expansion and disaster recovery offerings, SecurXchange Archive delivers an efficient approach to handling the unique archiving requirements of breast imaging practices.

Maximizing uptime
All SecurXchange products are equipped with Hologic Connect™ uptime management software, providing a secure, remote connection between the Hologic Technical Assistance Center and our customers.

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