Nanocomposite dental prosthesis PHYSIOSTAR® NFC Candulor

Nanocomposite dental prosthesis PHYSIOSTAR® NFC Candulor

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The example we follow ... is nature itself PhysioStar® NFC is a 4-layer tooth. Two layers are composed of NanoFilledComposite® (NFC) which provides the particularly abrasion-resistant properties. The other two layers (tooth neck and tooth core) are made of PMMA layers which permit good bonding with the denture base material. The layering of enamel and dentin is selected to ensure that the chromaticity of the teeth is retained after grinding. Each individual set of teeth has its very own surface structure which has been based on the example of natural anterior teeth. This individuality is what makes the combination of tooth mold and surface so special in the PhysioStar® tooth line. A clear and simple division of the tooth molds into 4 groups makes it easier to select the 15 upper and 4 lower anteriors to suit the patient. The distinction between delicate, universal, vigorous and individual has been created to cover the full range of prosthetic dentistry.
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