Nanocomposite dental prosthesis BONARTIC® II NFC Candulor

Nanocomposite dental prosthesis BONARTIC® II NFC Candulor

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The new Bonartic® II NFC posteriors line completes the range of products in the NanoFilledComposite® tooth line. This provides dental technicians with the option of combining PhysioStar® NFC anteriors with the functional Condyloform® II NFC or with the classic Bonartic® II NFC. Function The occlusion morphology of the lower posteriors is related to the condylar path, so that the cusp angle is 30° in protrusion and 20° in laterotrusion. At the same time, Bonartic® II NFC has the necessary space for dynamic retrusion, immediate side shift and Bennett movement. Occlusion concept Bonartic® II NFC allows both classical bilateral occlusion and sequential guidance during laterotrusion. The contact relationships of Bonartic® II NFC are punctiform on convex parts.
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