Nanocomposite dental prosthesis CONDYLOFORM® II NFC Candulor

Nanocomposite dental prosthesis CONDYLOFORM® II NFC Candulor

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Functional occlusal design Condyloform® II NFC offers anatomically optimised occlusion alignment with natural, morphological surfaces to suit the age of the patient. The tooth molds are based on average articulation values, and the proven mortar and pestle system has been integrated into the functional occlusal surfaces. Aesthetics A particular advantage of the NFC® material is its natural transparency and translucence. This gives a stunning, lifelike appearance. These striking aesthetics are achieved by the 4 layers and natural layering. Abrasion-resistant NFC® Material The NFC® material is a NanoFilledComposite which is based on a urethane dimethacrylate matrix with organic fillers. The positive characteristics of this material such as: very high abrasion resistance low plaque adhesion color stability excellent polishing characteristics ensure simple handling as well as exceptional wear comfort.
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