Aerosol inhalation monitor Vitalograph AIM Vitalograph

Aerosol inhalation monitor Vitalograph AIM Vitalograph
Vitalograph AIM

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For effective inhaler training on dry powder and metered dose inhalers The unique Vitalograph AIM™ (Aerosol Inhalation Monitor) is designed to assist medical practitioners in training subjects to use their inhaler correctly. Mastery of the correct technique will support more accurate drug delivery and good patient compliance, resulting in better disease management and fewer visits to medical professionals. Validates effective use of an inhaler Identifies correct choice of inhaler device type Identifies and quantifies poor inhaler technique Objective identification of proper use of the inhaler device Assists in training patients to use their inhalers correctly Provides clear feedback and instructions to subject and trainer Easy to use, hygienic and low cost Can optionally be used with a spacer
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