• Vincent Fraipont

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    Email —  ******@***chrcitadelle.be
    Head of Intensive Care Unit CHR Liège —  Liège, Belgium

Featured in HealthManagement.org

  • New Trends in ICU Nutrition

    • 26/09/2019

    The new trends in nutrition management included in the last guidelines are discussed, in particular the route and the dose of calories and proteins recommended. During the last decade, numerous paradigms and dogmas based on observational cohort studies were challenged by the publication of large multicentre prospective randomised controlled trials (RCT). Actually, until recently, the guidelines...

  • Indirect Calorimetry: Research Tool or Essential Equipment?

    • 18/09/2013

    Indirect calorimetry is usually presented as essential equipment to optimise nutrition. However, numerous flaws limit its use, and currently available devices are not sufficiently accurate for clinical use. Why Use an Indirect Calorimeter in the ICU? The magnitude of the caloric debt (the difference between energy expenditure (EE) and the caloric intake) has been strongly associated...

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