• Jan De Waele

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    Email —  ******@***UGent.be
    Intensivist Department of Critical Care Medicine Ghent University Hospital
    Associate Professor Ghent University Ghent, Belgium
    ICU Management & Practice Editorial Board Member

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  •  Thomas De Corte

    Towards Artificial Intelligence as a Decision Support Tool to Combat A

    • 09:13 AM, Oct 13

    Ongoing research and challenges regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to leverage data and identify complex interactions to address antimicrobial resistance in the ICU.     The possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI), and more specifically, machine learning (ML), are being researched across almost all domains of medicine, and the field of intensive care

  •  Sofie Dhaese, MD, PhD

    Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Principles to Combat Antimicrobial Res

    • 10:50 AM, Oct 14

    Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic principles play a central role in antimicrobial dose-optimisation to combat antimicrobial resistance. In the future, research focused on the integration of preclinical and clinical data is paramount. Antimicrobial Resistance in the ICU The use of antimicrobial drugs in the hospital is very common with approximately 35% of the patients on an adult...

  • Prof. Jan De Waele, MD, PhD

    Advances in source control in patients with sepsis and septic shock

    • 08:25 AM, Oct 16

    In the past decades there have been significant advances in the diagnosis and management of patients with sepsis and septic shock, and overall awareness has increased significantly (Angus and van der Poll 2013). Emphasis is currently on the early detection of sepsis and rapid initiation of fluid administration and antibiotic therapy, all of which have improved outcomes (Rhodes et al. 2017)....

  • Prof. Jan De Waele, MD, PhD

    Antibiotic Resistance in the ICU: Time to Take Things Seriously!

    • 09:25 AM, Mar 16

      Multidrug resistance (MDR) is increasing worldwide and has been acknowledged as one of the major threats to healthcare by the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization (World Health Organization 2014). Intensive care unit (ICU) patients seem to be particularly susceptible for acquiring MDR organisms, either just as colonisers, or as pathogens causing invasive infection. This increased

  • Prof. Jan De Waele, MD, PhD

    New Antibiotics for Abdominal Infections: What Can We Expect?

    • 09:13 AM, Sep 27

    Recently a number of new antibiotics or combinations for complicated ‏intra-abdominal infections have been introduced. Here we ‏review the currently available data of these new drugs and discuss ‏how they can be used in critically ill patients with complicated intraabdominal ‏infections.   Complicated intra-abdominal infections ‏(cIAI) remain one of the most challenging ‏infections in the intens

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    Zoom On: Jan De Waele, President, WSACS – the Abdominal Compartment So

    • ICU
    • 07:00 AM, Feb 03

    Zoom On: Jan De Waele, President, WSACS – the Abdominal Compartment Society


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