Leader in Women’s Health Encourages Women to Stop Suffering in Silence and Talk to Their Doctor About Disruptive Period Symptoms


Hologic, Inc. a global leader in women’s health, today announced its new uterine health education and awareness campaign Better is Possible™. Launching in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Detroit, the campaign seeks to increase awareness about daily quality-of-life challenges such as heavy and disruptive periods, pelvic pain and fibroids, while also educating women about available treatment options.

Heavy and disruptive periods, also known as abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), affect more than 10 million U.S. women each year, causing persistent symptoms like pain, tiredness, lack of energy and long menstrual cycles with frequent changing of tampons and pads.1 A common cause of AUB symptoms is uterine fibroids, which 77% of women will develop during their childbearing years.2 While these uterine health issues are quite common, many women aren’t aware of available treatment options.

“Roughly two-thirds of women say that their period has impacted their day-to-day life, but until now, there’s been a glaring absence of discussion around solutions. Through this campaign, we want to show women who experience painful periods, uncontrolled bleeding or other uterine health issues, that they don’t have to suffer in silence,” said Mary Byerly, Vice President of Marketing for Hologic’s Gynecological Surgical Solutions division. “When it comes to periods, it can be so difficult to differentiate between what is normal and what isn’t. We’re proud to equip women with the resources they need to start the conversation and feel empowered when talking to their doctor about their periods and play an active role in their treatment plan.”

The Better Is Possible campaign includes a video highlighting the experiences of women living with uterine health issues and encourages those dealing with similar symptoms to talk to their doctor. The campaign hub, BetterIsPossible.com, offers downloadable materials such as a period symptom quiz, discussion guides and information about potential treatment options.

“I’ve heard from patients who search online for information about their symptoms and feel discouraged to discuss them with me when they see hysterectomy listed as the only treatment option,” said Danny Younes, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist in San Diego. “Minimally invasive options are game-changing for my patients who seek relief from their painful fibroid symptoms but don’t want to remove their uterus.”

In addition to educating patients, Hologic is also empowering physicians to create tailored care plans for their patients by providing cutting-edge, uterine-care technology with both surgical and surgery-free solutions.

Source & Image Credit: Hologic, Inc.


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