Women We Admire is pleased to announce The Top 50 Women Leaders of Wisconsin for 2023. Situated in the Midwest, Wisconsin has a mix of urban and rural areas with cities such as Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay playing significant roles in its economic landscape. It is home to one of the oldest public universities in the US, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which serves as a hub for education, research, innovation, and cultural enrichment. With a robust tradition in manufacturing and agriculture, the state is known for its precision and innovation, and companies often take pride in their craftsmanship. The distinguished women leaders on our list this year actively contribute to Wisconsin’s thriving economy, serving in various roles such as engineers, lawyers, C-level executives, doctors, and more.


Among this year’s awardees is Laura Kohler, Chief Sustainability & DEI Officer at Kohler, who oversees the global integration of environmental sustainability and social impact initiatives, driving the company's efforts towards net zero by 2035. Awardee Caroline Burger, Chief Technologist of Stormwater at Carollo Engineers, with over 21 years of experience, specializes in urban stormwater systems' modeling and design, leveraging her extensive understanding of regulatory and policy drivers to anticipate and position projects for success, benefiting both Carollo's clients and staff. Also awarded is Laura Gillespie, Vice President of Women’s Health Initiatives at Hologic, Inc., who spearheads company-wide initiatives to prioritize and improve women’s health globally, collaborating with leaders, representing Hologic at key conferences, and drawing on her extensive experience with grassroots non-profit organizations focused on children’s education and healthcare.


We commend these individuals for their commitment to the organizations they serve. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of The Top 50 Women Leaders of Wisconsin for 2023.


"Laura Gillespie who was named one of the Top Women Leaders of Wisconsin for 2023! Laura does crucial work as an ambassador for women, their health and well-being through Project Health Equity and the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index. We are so proud to see her recognized for her efforts."


Source:  Women We Admire 

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hologic, Laura Gillespie, Top Women Leaders of Wisconsin for 2023, Hologic Global Women’s Health Index, Project Health Equity, Vice President of Women’s Health Initiatives Women We Admire is pleased to announce The Top 50 Women Leaders of Wisconsin for 2023.