Patient’s Moment Has Arrived

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It is clear that the COVID-19 crisis has been a boost in the digitisation of healthcare, as it is estimated that we have advanced almost seven years in digitisation in just three years. Many medical centres have chosen to digitise conventional processes of patient care, medical appointments and results delivery, performing virtual consultations to try and avoid unnecessary displacements and crowds in hospitals.


Many patients are benefiting from the technological solutions that are being implemented in their reference centres. In Idonia, we believe it is possible to go further and allow patients to be in control of all their medical tests, and to be able to organise, visualise and share them. Although it is too early to achieve our vision, COVID-19 has certainly made patients, professionals and medical centres more receptive to use technology that prevents displacements, avoids the use of physical elements (such as the CD) and allows patient-physician interaction virtually.


Idonia is a secure cloud service, which allows processing, storing, organising and visualising medical documents and images, thus aiding hospitals, insurers, professionals and the patients. Idonia began its activity allowing the delivery of medical tests without the use of the CD thanks to its Magic Link and a zero footprint image viewer (Figure 1), which allows to view all kinds of medical imaging tests (X-Rays, CTs, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc.) as well as any other medical document (PDF reports, images, videos, etc.).