Ledger Leopard at the forefront of ‘track and trace’ blockchain through acquisition of Tagologic

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'Digital identity of products indispensable in the future.'


Amsterdam, 28th February - Blockchain specialist Ledger Leopard has acquired Tagologic. Due to the acquisition Ledger Leopard broadens its scope, and in addition to the healthcare sector, is focusing on the further development of innovative blockchain applications within the supply chain. From producers, through to companies that purchase products, as well as the end user, thanks to the blockchain application of Tagologic it is now possible to follow products real-time in the distribution chain and to verify whether they are authentic.


Johan Mastenbroek, CEO of Ledger Leopard, is enthusiastic about the acquisition of Tagologic. 'This is a logical next step for us in the further development of blockchain applications within the supply chain and further applications within healthcare. For the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and other healthcare parties, it is vital to be able to verify whether medicines are authentic and what steps have been taken after production in the distribution chain. Since the 9th of February, hospitals and pharmacies have been obliged by the EU to be more stringent in their verification process. The TTAG application of Tagologic in combination with blockchain offers a solution for this.'


Is my product real?
TTAG is a technology that gives each individual product a unique digital identity, a so-called 'digital twin'.  Physical products, such as medicines will, therefore, become part of the internet of things. This TTAG can be read by scanning a smart barcode, such as a QR code or RFID / NFC chip, on the product with your smartphone. Consumers, producers, and other parties in the distribution chain can, therefore, see where their product has been produced, where it is located in the distribution chain and whether the product is authentic. Producers can also add additional product information to the TTAG, for example, a digital manual for the consumer. 'Scanning the current generation of barcodes does not help consumers to check whether they have an authentic product. With the combination of blockchain and the TTAG application, we want to change that and make the supply chain for companies more efficient, transparent and safer, 'says Mastenbroek.


In 2019, products are produced, assembled and shipped worldwide. This global supply chain also makes Ledger Leopard look to the international market. From 4th to the 9th of March, the blockchain specialist will travel together with the Secretary-General of the Ministry of VWS to Texas for an international trade mission on healthcare.


About Ledger Leopard

Ledger Leopard is an international organisation that facilitates a blockchain platform for developers, the business community and the (national) government. This allows organisations to easily develop their own blockchain application. In this way Ledger Leopard simplifies the administrative processes; customers do the same work with fewer people and process their data in a safer and faster way.


About Tagologic
Tagologic is an innovative Dutch tech company that has developed an application to provide physical products with a unique digital identity based on blockchain technology. Producers, consumers and other parties in the distribution chain can follow their product in real time and verify whether the product is authentic, making the supply chain more efficient, transparent and safer.


Published on : Thu, 28 Feb 2019

'Digital identity of products indispensable in the future.' Amsterdam, 28th February - Blockchain specialist Ledger Leopard has acquired Tagologic. D

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