Top 2019 CIO challenges in face of healthcare consumerism

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and interoperability are among the most challenging technologies for implementation in 2019 for CIOs.


CIOs rated AI and cyber security (94%), Internet of Things (IoT) (90%), and interoperability (82%) as the most problematic technologies to apply next year. In parallel, 24% of healthcare CIOs admit having a dearth of expertise the demand for new skills.


The data was recently released by Black Book Market Research following a survey of 247 CIOs and 1,305 Non-IT C-Level and senior management leaders in the U.S..


2019 looks to be a pivotal year in hospital IT with CIOs needing to scale up their digital operations in order to keep afoot with innovation and, therefore, relevant in a fast-moving world of healthcare tech.


“CIOs are on the road from digital experimentation to digital scaling, which is a major organisational challenge for traditional, functional hospital IT managers. The new job of the CIO is to build the required bench strength to scale healthcare's myriad of digital businesses,” said Black Book Market Research.

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The result indicated that 91% of CIOs expected a shift or remix in their roles due to the sweep of digitalisation.


The most valuable CIO skills in 2019 will include:

  • Innovation (83% of all executives polled)
  • Leadership engagement for communication of organisational information (81%)
  • Communication as medical and financial data driven cultures take hold (77%)


While traditional IT delivery management across the organisation will remain part of the job, greater importance on the role of the CIO will be placed on attaining a far broader set of business objectives, innovation seeking, and talent development, said the research firm.


It went on to say that the role wasn’t going to disappear but was undergoing a critical transformation as focus grows on integration of business goals to win and keep customers.


Source: PRNewswire

Image credit: Pixabay


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Published on : Thu, 29 Nov 2018

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