A Polish company has developed software that deploys data to identify people at risk of carrying COVID-19.


The firm, DataWalk, taps into data like immigration records, mobile phone data and data about affected individuals to identify potential ‘super carriers’ who resist the disease and are unaware how widely they can infect others.


Super spreaders are those who infect greater numbers than the standard two or three.

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This allows the software to identify potential super carriers who are often resistant to the disease themselves and do not know that they can infect others. This would enable appropriate medical intervention to help minimise spread of the virus.


One example is a British man who returned from a trip to Singapore and infected more than ten people. Another is a woman in South Korea who has infected dozens of people.


However, healthcare experts and statisticians have questioned the concept of Super Spreader, saying it isn’t scientific.


France’s health minister Olivier Véran has said the label could stigmatise individuals.



Source: Pharmaphirum

Image credit: Pixabay

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