New Initiative Seeks to Standardise COVID-19 Vaccination Records

New Initiative Seeks to Standardise COVID-19 Vaccination Records
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Leaders from healthcare and tech industry, including Mayo Clinic, Microsoft and Oracle, are joining forces in the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) to establish a standard for digital vaccination records.


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The new initiative aims to provide every individual inoculated against COVID-19 with secure digital access to their vaccination record based on open, interoperable standards.


VCI is implemented by a coalition of partners comprising CARIN Alliance, Cerner, Change Healthcare, The Commons Project Foundation, Epic, Evernorth, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, MITRE, Oracle, Safe Health, and Salesforce. Together they aspire to enable organisations administering COVID-19 vaccines to make credentials available in a standardised, interoperable format.


Currently, there is no unified way to create, store and access vaccination records, and the coalition is working to change this. The new system uses SMART Health Cards framework, based on W3C Verifiable Credential and HL7 FHIR standards.


The ultimate goal is to provide individuals with access to an encrypted digital copy of their immunisation details that they could store in a digital wallet, such as the Apple Wallet or Google Pay. For those who do not use smartphones, a QR code will be available containing W3C verifiable credentials.


Easy digital access to vaccination records is necessary for people to safely return to travel, work, school, and life, while protecting their data privacy, according to Paul Meyer, CEO of The Commons Project.


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Source: BusinessWire

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Published on : Fri, 15 Jan 2021

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