On Wednesday, the Ascension Healthcare Network disclosed a disturbance in its clinical operations attributed to a cybersecurity incident. The attack has affected Ascension's extensive network of 140 hospitals nationwide, including 14 in the Chicago region.


Detecting anomalous activity on select technology networks, Ascension has promptly initiated measures and remedial action, resulting in temporary interruptions to system access.


In their press release, Ascension reassured the public that their care teams have enacted protocols to uphold patient care safety with minimal impact. Nonetheless, disruptions to clinical operations have occurred, prompting ongoing assessments to ascertain the scope and duration of the interruption.


As of Thursday, numerous inquiries remain unanswered regarding the hospital cyberattack. The extent of patient impact remains unclear.


Engaging the expertise of cybersecurity firm Mandiant Solutions for investigation, Ascension has notified relevant authorities and has advised its business partners to temporarily disconnect from their systems. 


This is an evolving situation and will be updated as more information becomes available. 


Source: Ascension

Image Credit: iStock 


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