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IMAGING Management

Cybersecurity Challenges for Medical Imaging

2020 19 Oct

Cybersecurity issues have been affecting the healthcare sector in recent years. As the use of the internet has expanded over the last two decades, hospitals worldwide have also adopted technology. Patient health information and electronic health records are now used routinely in healthcare.    However, while this adoption of technology is a positive... Read more

Executive Health Management

Can Blockchain support advances in radiology?

2019 21 Jan

In 2019 we will embrace Blockchain and innovation as necessary support for the healthcare of our time. Blockchain can influence the design and implementation of new models by refining data security; provide more robust audit trail mechanisms required, eliminate medical imaging acquisitions repetition, reduce transaction costs, while allowing... Read more

Executive Health Management

Blockchain for radiology

2019 21 Jan

Key areas where Blockchain has the potential to spark a revolution & increase quality while decreasing healthcare cost. Blockchain is an exciting new technology that promises to address many problems that exist within the current framework in radiology. We discuss three key areas where Blockchain can potentially spark a revolution and increase... Read more

IT Management

Network security angst? Ditch your fax

2018 22 Aug

Afraid of committing a security faux pas? Then it may be time to discontinue using those fax machines. New research from Check Point has uncovered a vulnerability in the ITU T.30 fax protocol that could be hacked to launch a cyberattack and gain access to a network.  Based on Check Point’s "Faxploit" research, fax machines can be hacked to... Read more

IT Management

Cybersecurity Report: New Threats

2017 05 Sep

HIMSS Director of Privacy and Security Lee Kim's latest monthly report on cybersecurity features a very interesting finding, and email users – that means most of us – should take note of it. There's a new cyberattack technique, called ROPEMAKER, that allows attackers to modify or edit the content in an email after it has been sent to the recipient.... Read more

IT Management

Risk Management: Cybersecurity

2017 04 Jul

A cyberattack does not occur spontaneously for it requires some planning and preparation. These attacks make use of a variety of techniques, including methods of social engineering, and they are prepared stealthily and a long time in advance, says IT security expert Stefan Rass, associate professor at the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI),... Read more

IT Management

Hackers Breach Emory Healthcare's Patient Records

2017 07 Mar

Emory Healthcare's online appointment system has been hit with a cyberattack earlier this year, affecting the records of some 80,000 patients. After removing the appointments database, the hackers demanded a ransom to restore the site. Emory did not say whether it paid the ransom. See Also : Ransomware Seen as Medical Device Cybersecurity Threat... Read more

Executive Health Management

Foreign Government Behind Anthem's 2014 Hack?

2017 17 Jan

According to investigators, the cyberattackers who broke into national insurer Anthem's IT system – exposing 78.8 million patient records as a result – were likely working on behalf of a foreign government. They also said that Anthem agreed to invest $260 million in improving its information security systems. See Also : Locky Ramps... Read more

IT Management

Cyberattack Impacts 40, OOO Patients

2016 06 Jun

A podiatry group has notified its 40, 000 plus patients that their data may have been compromised following a Cyberattack on its IT systems. Connecticut-based Stamford Podiatry Group said the malicious hackers gained access to their systems between Feb. 22 and April 14 and accessed its electronic health record database. "Although we have not been... Read more