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The Sahlgrenska Academy at the University  of Gothenburg has invested in  the Sectra Visualisation Table. Gothenburg  thus becomes the second Swedish  University in a short period of time to  reinforce its medical training by acquiring  Sectra’s visualisation table.  

The visualisation table at the University  of Gothenburg will be used by students  in anatomy classes as a complement to  dissection exercises. “Today our department  has 240 students of medicine each  year sharing three bodies for dissection  and anatomy training through the full  training period,” said, Professor Bengt R  Johansson. “Bodies are difficult to find  but also expensive to handle. Moreover,  once dissection is started you can never  study what the body would have looked  like before starting the dissection. The  visualisation table makes a significant  contribution to medical education, especially  anatomy classes.”  

The Sectra Visualisation Table is a large,  multi-touch medical display with software  that facilitates interaction with 3D images  of the human body created by modern  computer tomography or magnetic  resonance cameras. Students are able to  intuitively zoom in, rotate or cut into the  visualised body without using a scalpel or  destroying the subject. This means that  the same image can be used repeatedly,  and the students are able to study the  impact of various illnesses on the anatomy  in a manner that was not possible in  teaching in the past. The opportunity to  interact with virtual bodies provides better  understanding for the body’s anatomy  and functions, which in turn will contribute  to better educated medical personnel  and thus higher efficiency and safety in  healthcare in the long-term.  

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The Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg has invested in the Sectra Visualisation Table. Gothenburg thus becomes the second Swedish Uni...

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