3DHEALS2020 Global Summit

3DHEALS2020 Global Summit


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3DHEALS now has 30+ volunteer community manager all over the world, and many of them will attend 3DHEALS2020 and share their own perspectives on the progress in healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting. They are unique individuals who share a common vision that 3D printing and bioprinting will empower the next generation of healthcare innovations.

Powerful Networking
It is our deep belief that "people" is the most important element in innovation and progress. Over the last four years, 3DHEALS has organized more than 70 events all over the world, including 3DHEALS2017 and 3DHEALS2018. Large or small, these events aim to remove barriers among people with different professional backgrounds, geographies, and perspectives. It is our intention to re-create this most powerful platform for 3DHEALS2020 Global Summit to ignite and re-ignite conversations and collaborations in the world of healthcare 3D printing and bioprinting.

Effective Programming
We understand that attending events is "expensive".
There will be again a packed multi-track presentation schedule covering multiple disciplines, including but not limited to medical and dental 3D printing application, bioprinting, advanced materials, regulatory/legal issues. Additionally, other relevant adjacent emerging technologies and applications such as machine learning/artificial intelligence, blockchain applications, cellular agriculture, stem cell technologies, nanotechnologies, microfluidics, etc. will also make an appearance during the conference.

Parallel to the presentations, the conference will also offer both startup pitch session to the entire audience and privately arranged 1:1 startup-investors meeting, in order to continue stimulating early-stage startup innovations.

Global Stage
Globalization is a fact, and innovation in a geographic silo is dangerous. From a single community in San Francisco, to now 20+ communities all over the world and growing, 3DHEALS is determined to start a community with global perspectives, from end-users, innovators, to policy-makers and regulators, we understand the vital importance of having a global stage for our speakers and audience.

Programme available online here

Registration available online here

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