International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra is launching an extended image sharing solution that enables healthcare providers to digitally share medical images with patients, insurance companies and others in a rapid and secure manner. This is an extension of Sectra’s existing solution for sharing and collaboration between various healthcare organizations and systems. It will allow healthcare providers to give patients increased control of their medical data and to let them take a more active role in their healthcare service. 

A growing number of Sectra’s 1,700 customers are using Sectra’s solution for cross-enterprise sharing and collaboration. The use of the solution makes information exchange much more secure, less time consuming and less expensive than previously used methods, such as CDs. This leads to an increasing amount of information being shared throughout the healthcare system, and approximately 25 million medical images are already shared every week. In turn, the access to more information gives, for instance, reviewing radiologists and other physicians a much more complete medical history of a patient when making clinical decisions.

The new extension of the image sharing solution enables sharing with others than only healthcare organizations and systems, such as patients and insurance companies, allowing for a more efficient healthcare. It has been developed and tested in close collaboration with Sectra customers.

“We are seeing a growing trend of increased patient engagement. Patients are becoming more keen to have access to their own medical records, for example to be able to have a deeper dialog with their physician or to bring along their medical images for treatment at another hospital. The extended capabilities of our solution will make it easier for healthcare providers to meet that demand, and thus help healthcare to become more inclusive and patient-centered,” says Marie Ekström Trägårdh, President at Sectra Imaging IT Solutions.

Sectra’s enhanced solution for sharing and collaboration will be showcased at ECR in Vienna, March 2–5. The product extension will be made available to customers during spring 2017. Read more about Sectra at ECR and book a meeting at

Source and Image Credit: Sectra

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