Medsquare Selected for the 2nd Consecutive Time by the French Hospital Purchasing Group, Resah

Patient Dose Management: Medsquare selected for the 2nd consecutive time by the French Hospital Purchasing Group, Resah
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The French Hospital Purchasing Group (Resah) announced that it has signed a new contract with Medsquare for the patient dose management solution Radiation Dose Monitor « RDM ». By winning this public tender − titled “Dose management software like DACS*” − Medsquare can provide any health institution affiliated with Resah with an effective solution that meets the particular requirements of European Directive 2013/59/Euratom.
Following an initial contract with Medsquare over the period 2014-16 (Resah-IDF), this new contract will give all hospital members of Resah − throughout France − the opportunity to acquire the RDM solution for their facility.
For Dominique Gabriel, CEO of Medsquare, this new contract is a great success for the company:
«Resah has again affirmed its confidence in Medsquare’s RDM solution by awarding its contract through a public tender. Since winning the first tender in 2013, we have been facing an increasing number of competitors − but this second win confirms Medsquare’s leading position in the DACS market. RDM is still the solution that best meets the needs of healthcare professionals today.
RDM: a unique solution confirmed
In addition to Resah, the hospital purchasing groups AGEPS – AP-HP (Paris’ hospitals) and UniHA also selected RDM for their facilities. RDM is now deployed in a number of hospitals and university hospitals affiliated with these two hospital purchasing groups:
• AP-HP (Paris’ hospitals): Beaujon, Bichat, HEGP, Lariboisière, Necker, Robert Debré, Salpêtrière, etc.
• UniHA :
– Hopitals of Annecy, Carcassonne and Sainte-Anne
– University Hospitals of Grenoble, Nantes, Nice, Reims, etc.
Florent Jault, product specialist: RDM is a constantly evolving solution, suitable for everyone responsible for the dose cycle. In line with the European Directives, the solution has become an essential tool for quality radiological care. 
With this new contract, Resah is opening new perspectives for Medsquare. In the coming weeks, Resah will organize future actions with Medsquare to make this contract a real success.
DACS*: Dose Archiving and Communication System
Source & Image Credit: Medsquare

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Published on : Fri, 3 Jun 2016

Patient Dose Management,Medsquare, Resah, RDM The French Hospital Purchasing Group (Resah) announced that it has signed a new contract with Medsquare for the patient dose management solution Radiation Dose Monitor « RDM »

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