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RDM: A Complete Solution Designed For Everyone Involved In The Dose Cycle

2020 27 Mar

Protecting patients from over-exposure to radiation is part of the daily life of healthcare professionals in medical imaging. Justification, optimization, ALARA’s approach – these principles are necessary to reduce the dose delivered to the patient.Moreover, numerous legal regulations (directives, the public health code) now make it compulsory... Read more

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Covid-19: Medsquare, Mobilized During The Health Crisis To Ensure The Continuity Of Its Activity

2020 20 Mar

The exceptional situation due to the spread of the coronavirus – as well as recent government directives – have led Medsquare to take exceptional measures in order to continue to provide the best support to healthcare establishments during this period of serious health crisis. In this difficult context, Medsquare employees are now working from... Read more

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How To Reduce The Radiation Dose In A CT Scan? The Example Of The ‘Patient At Isocenter’ Feature

2020 31 Jan

Even today, finding the right balance between image quality and the radiation dose remains a core issue in medical imaging. Although medical imaging is one of the most useful modern medical tools, the use of ionizing rays in imaging undeniably entails various risks. There are many methods for reducing doses while obtaining an image quality clear... Read more

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Gustave Roussy’s French Cancer Centre Chooses Medsquare For Its Patient Dose Management Solution

2019 28 Nov

Medsquare has been selected by the  Gustave Roussy  Cancer Centre, which has chosen to be equipped by Medsquare’s Patient Dose Monitoring solution  Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) . For this DACS acquisition project, signed via the French Purchasing group ’Resah’, Gustave Roussy has indicated that it wants to replace its existing DACS solution, notably... Read more

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2016 29 Aug

What are your key areas of interest and research/assignment? Lean management. New technologies, new regulations and new opportunities make very frequent changes to our daily tasks. In order to maintain and improve quality, it’s very important to keep monitoring and adapting all of the processes.   What are the major challenges... Read more

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2016 23 Jun

1. What are your key areas of interest and research? Patient safety is the most important.  The goal of medicine is to take care of our patients and to monitor them for the rest of their lives. What a pity if they develop radiation-induced pathologies or significant nephropathy through ignorance. Our patient dose management software... Read more

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Medsquare Selected for the 2nd Consecutive Time by the French Hospital Purchasing Group, Resah

2016 03 Jun

The French Hospital Purchasing Group (Resah) announced that it has signed a new contract with Medsquare for the patient dose management solution  Radiation Dose Monitor « RDM » . By winning this public tender − titled “Dose management software like DACS*” − Medsquare can provide any health institution affiliated with Resah with an effective solution... Read more

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Dose Management Software Increases CT Technologists’ Radiation Awareness

2016 12 Apr

Dose awareness among radiology staff is essential to optimize radiation dose delivered to patients.Real-time monitoring solutions are precious tools for healthcare professionals especially for CT technologists. According to  Health Imaging  – a leading news website that reflects the clinical, informatics and practice management considerations involved... Read more

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Medsquare's Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) Selected by Major Hospital Purchasing Groups in France

2015 27 Nov

Medsquare won all 3 DACS public tenders in France between 2013 – 2014 Thanks to its DACS (Dose Archiving and Communication System) − assessed as best meeting the expectations of medical physicists and all medical professionals involved in the dose cycle − Medsquare won all 3 public tenders from hospital purchasing groups in France related to... Read more