Opening day at the European Congress for Radiology in Vienna is perfect timing to share the results of the 2022 Europe PACS report by KLAS Research. The report highlights how the PACS market in Europe is evolving: To unify care delivery, many countries are pushing for HIT consolidation across regional groups of hospitals. At the same time, healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to expand their imaging strategies outside of radiology to bring together more departments and facilities at an enterprise level.

In the report Agfa HealthCare is confirmed to have one of the most expansive footprints, with strong customer bases. Moreover, Agfa HealthCare is validated for the largest imaging volumes—supporting customers handling around 4 million studies per year.

The KLAS report is based on the perspectives of 199 individuals representing 168 unique organizations across 25 European countries. We are delighted to share the KLAS Report lists Agfa HealthCare among top performers in terms of customer satisfaction and having one of the largest, fastest-growing footprints of all vendors measured.

We are proud these results clearly indicate that our unique Enterprise Imaging Platform and partnership approach is supporting customers across Europe, and we are committed to further enhance our partnerships to further drive imaging progress.

In addition, some regional results stand out.

Strong implementations in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Agfa HealthCare has provided strong implementations and training in this region throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have also improved their partnerships and proactivity.

Customers perceive Enterprise Imaging for Radiology as a fast, effective, easy-to-use platform with strong task-driven workflows, and they feel empowered to customize the PACS to fit their needs. Where the platform is deployed across consortia, users enjoy the improved ability to share images and workflows.

High levels of satisfaction in home region of Benelux

Regarding customer satisfaction, the report confirms Agfa HealthCare has strong showings in their home region of Benelux.

Customers are reporting significant improvements in the Enterprise Imaging for Radiology platform as well as in the relationships with the vendor, both at the level of support engineers and new management personnel. Especially elements such as Agfa’s ability to keep their promises and in the product working as promoted, are highlighted as contributors to high levels of satisfaction.

As a result of the overall level of customer satisfaction, all UKI and Benelux respondents in the report indicate they “would buy again” from Agfa HealthCare and we’re delighted to be part of their long terms plans.

To learn more from leading health organizations around the globe on how they develop and implement their  Enterprise Imaging strategy, access their stories here.

To discuss the Enterprise Imaging journey for your organization, reach out to your local Agfa HealthCare representative, or leave your question here.

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Source: Agfa HealthCare

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European Congress for Radiology,2022 Europe PACS report,KLAS Research, Agfa HealthCare,Enterprise Imaging Opening day at the European Congress for Radiology in Vienna is perfect timing to share the results of the 2022 Europe PACS report by KLAS Research.