Dr Amy Patel, Breast Radiologist and Medical Director, Breast Care Center, Liberty Hospital 


The Hologic SuperSonic™ MACH™ 40 Ultrasound System improves diagnostic confidence because of lesion conspicuity and a wide expanse of shades of grey that is not found in other ultrasound units. It is very important to accurately know what one sees on ultrasound correlates accurately with what is seen on mammography. Sometimes the findings on mammography are very subtle and if ultrasound can aid in that detection, it can be useful, not just for the radiologist to improve accuracy and confidence but also for the patient.


If radiologists arrive at the diagnosis faster and have that additional added diagnostic confidence that displays and exudes to the patient that they are confident in their diagnosis, the patient’s confidence also increases and their experience is very positive.


The Hologic supersonic ultrasound system can improve workflow in many ways.  Radiologists can arrive at an accurate diagnosis faster. Also, from a technology standpoint, they are able to scan patients at a faster pace and get patients in and out the door faster as well.


From a clinical workflow standpoint, it truly is superlative. In breast imaging, ultrasound is the bread and butter of everything radiologists do. Most days, their clinical schedule is filled with ultrasound examinations. If they don't have a reliable system, it can interrupt their workflow in terms of rescheduling patients. If they can utilise ultrasound more for patients it results in: a) reduced cost and b) more comfort to the patient particularly if that patient needs a biopsy.


During an ultrasound-guided corneal biopsy, the needle can be seen more conspicuously, particularly if the biopsy involves an area that is more posterior in the breast, in a sea of dense tissue. It can be difficult at times to ensure that the needle is going correctly to the area of concern.


This system is thus remarkable. The probes are more lightweight in comparison to other ultrasound unit probes. From an ergonomic standpoint, it is second to none. Technologists are on their feet all day scanning patients and it really is an endurance battle. This unit, from an ergonomic standpoint, helps reduce fatigue. Overall, the Hologic SuperSonic™ MACH™ 40 Ultrasound System provides an intuitive road map and in comparison to other vendors, it is second to none in cancer detection and diagnostic confidence and accuracy. It's incredibly easy to navigate and this comes down to the simplicity of the unit itself.


Source: Hologic

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