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TeraRecon has highlighted its flagship iNtuition™ enterprise image management solution to support Enterprise-wide Vendor-Neutral Viewing of medical images at the annual meeting of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society in New Orleans.

iNtuition, iNtuitionREVIEW and iNtuitionEMV

iNtuition provides a highly-scalable, true server / thin-client solution for the image review and processing needs of the healthcare enterprise, designed to bridge barriers between various imaging silos and the distributed population of users who require access to the images in a meaningful form.

iNtuition features a comprehensive range of client options, from the zero-footprint, browser-based iNtuitionEMV™ (Enterprise Medical Viewer) to the multi-modality, multi-disciplinary 2D/3D/4D viewer iNtuitionREVIEW™, and the advanced iNtuition Client, which provides world-class advanced image processing for volumetric scans such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

All available iNtuition client options support a range of interoperability features to allow seamless integration with other healthcare informatics systems such as EMR, VNA, HIS, RIS, and PACS. Support for mobile devices is provided via the iOS iNtuitionMOBILE app, and via parallel support for mobile browser-based access for iOS or Android.

iNtuitionSHARE – Image Sharing with iNtuition

Leveraging the powerful iNtuition Uploader, iNtuitionSHARE™ enables CD-free transport and distribution of images between medical facilities and peers, or patients. When a healthcare facility deploys an iNtuitionSHARE server, it is able to offer free access to network upload of images to institutions that need to send images into the facility, while removing the need to burn CDs for outgoing images. Instead it is possible to simply provide a link through which external facilities and patients can view and download images as required.
TeraRecon is the first and only provider of true thin-client advanced visualisation in the Cloud, via the highly popular iNtuitionCLOUD™ service. Free evaluation accounts are available at www.terarecon.com/cloud.

Since the initial launch of iNtuitionCLOUD in 2010, over 4000 accounts have been established and rapid growth in usage continues, as the company’s global network of datacentres is expanded and enhanced. The iNtuition Uploader™ allows secure, compressed upload of DICOM and non-DICOM image data, and then the zero-footprint iNtuitionEMV can be used to view the uploaded images from any browser. The full iNtuition Client can also be run via a web browser to manipulate data uploaded to the Cloud, if required, with full advanced functionality.

The runaway success of iNtuitionCLOUD has proven the power and capability of TeraRecon’s cloud technology, which is completely self-contained and not reliant on any third-party service for cloud hosting services. As a result, an equally-capable private iNtuitionCLOUD is possible, with all security and access controls remaining within the healthcare enterprise. Deployment of private iNtuitionCLOUD solutions is accelerating.

“As initial deployments of electronic medical records are completing, the focus is now shifting to ensuring that these EMR systems provide true and meaningful benefits to healthcare providers” said Robert Taylor, Ph.D., TeraRecon president and CEO. “In this context, intelligent and meaningful management of medical images has to be a focus of the healthcare informatics strategy, to enable and empower physicians with rich and timely information regarding the patients in their care. iNtuition offers a complete vendor-neutral suite of image viewing, management and sharing solutions, designed to directly address this need.”

Published on : Wed, 6 Mar 2013

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TeraRecon has highlighted its flagship iNtuition™ enterprise image management solution to support Enterprise-wide Vendor-Neutral Viewing of medical image

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