RSNA 2013: Roundup of This Year’s Top Five Topics

RSNA 2013: Roundup of This Year’s Top Five Topics
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1. Global Touch
With a total of almost 50,000 participants at RSNA 2013 and close to 10,000 international attendees among them, this year’s event had a distinct international flavour. Korea, Japan, Germany and France were just some of the countries presenting their companies, and the RSNA Global Connection Booth provided French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Spanish sessions, with booth translation services a must.

2. Cloud Return
Compared to RSNA 2011, when the subject of the cloud was omnipresent, last year’s event was decidedly quieter with regards to the cloud. This year however, it was back and almost each and every IT Health company present had latest updates or innovative new products tied into cloud-based solutions at their booth.
Cloud-based solutions and VNAs are also perceived as an alternative solution to reducing radiation dose in imaging. Companies are looking to develop unique patient identifiers that can be used regardless of the procedure ordered in order to provide software capable of storing the complete history of a patient’s past imaging exams. This will help avoid needless exam ordering. 

3. Ultrasound is it
Konica Minolta entered the ultrasound market by releasing Sonimage P3 hand-held ultrasound device, Samsung launched an expanded ultrasound family of products, and with GE's Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound System breast cancer experts are looking to use this imaging modality for the first time as a dense-breast screening tool. As a low-dose, cost efficient, and reimbursable procedure, ultrasound is at the forefront of imaging right now. 

4. Freeze Frame
One of the show’s big launches was GE Healthcare's innovative new 256 row/512 slice CT scanner entitled ‘Revolution CT’. Pending US FDA approval, it uses SnapShot Freeze motion correction technology to successfully take an image of the heart in one single beat, and additionally offers spatial resolution and low dose. 
Siemens Healthcare's US FDA approved body MRI solution ‘FREEZEit’ also made an impact. Capable to take a two second image of the entire abdomen it bypasses motion, one of the big obstacle with body MRI. 

5. Gadgets Galore
Health care has also seen the technological advances on the consumer electronics accelerate considerably within the sector, resulting in smaller and more efficient machines with Samsung and Sony carrying over technologies successfully established in their retail products. Samsung’s flat panel detectors enhance image quality while lowering dose and Sony, market dominator for ultrasound recorders, unveiled a new model of its self-proclaimed world's smallest digital ultrasound printer.

Source: Dotmed 

6 December 2013

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Published on : Mon, 9 Dec 2013

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Imaging, RSNA 1. Global Touch With a total of almost 50,000 participants at RSNA 2013 and close to 10,000 international attendees among them, this year’s event had a d

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