From May 25-27, Mindray participated in the 34th European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) Congress held in Riga, Latvia.

As the pre-eminent academic event in European medical ultrasound imaging, the EUROSON Congress displays the latest advancements in ultrasound technology, scientific research, and innovation for clinical applications. It serves as a significant platform for ultrasound doctors and scholars to share insights, discuss, and exchange clinical research, and explore the future of ultrasound medicine.


Impressing Attendees with High-Quality Ultrasound Solutions

Mindray made a significant impact during the congress, showcasing its expertise in over 20 academic seminars and workshops on diverse topics such as general US imaging, elasticity, musculoskeletal US, and POCUS. Attendees highly appreciated the excellent image performance and user-friendly workflow of Mindray’s US systems.


Dr. Mateusz Kosiak from Poland delivered a presentation "Fascinating Insights - the look into the Body" using TE AIR for demonstration.


Prof. Christian Jenssen, former President of EFSUMB, tried out the TE AIR probe during the presentation

During the pain management workshop, Mindray's latest portable ultrasound system, TEX 20, became the centre of attention and garnered a lot of interest. Dr. Iveta Golubovska, who conducted the demonstration, spoke highly of TEX 20 for its clinical application-oriented workflow.



Exploring the Frontiers of Ultrasound Technology Altogether

On May 25th, a Mindray-exclusive lunch symposium was held with the theme "Discovering a new era in diagnostic ultrasound with Mindray". Three renowned speakers shared their latest ultrasound clinical research and the cutting-edge topics in ultrasound. The event garnered significant interest, with all 100 seats occupied and packed audience.



First on the agenda was Professor Giovanna Ferraioli, who gave a presentation on "Exploring the use of multiparametric ultrasound for liver disease assessment". She expressed her admiration for Mindray's US capabilities, particularly its multiparametric functionality, after comparing it to other devices.


Prof. Ernst Michael Jung, the head of the interdisciplinary ultrasound centre at the University Hospital of Regensburg, discussed his latest research on intelligent optimization of B-mode, elastic imaging, and US contrast agents for solid thyroid lesions.



Prof. Maija Radzina, the chair of this year's EUROSON and also the president of the Latvian Society of Radiology and vice president of the Latvian Ultrasound Association, delved into the topic of advanced US imaging techniques in various small parts including the thyroid.



Exclusive Mindray Evening with Ultrasound Experts  


During the event, over 80 US experts and scholars from across Europe gathered together. Prof. Dirk André Clevert, director of the interdisciplinary ultrasound centre at the University of Munich, was invited to discuss US contrast technology and engage in interactive Quiz sessions with attendees. The innovative format of discussions made the academic exchange even more informative.




Highlight Moments Captured

Mindray's booth was also bustling with excitement during the congress. Professor Jung showcased the Resona R9's capabilities for thyroid US. Attendees were enthusiastic about the technology and even received autographed posters from Professor Jung.



At the EUROSON opening ceremony, Ms. Liga Mengelsone, Minister Health of the Republic of Latvia, expressed her gratitude to Mindray for its significant support and attention to this year's European ultrasound congress.



Mindray is proud to have been a part of EUROSON2023 and recognises the positive impact our innovative medical imaging solutions have had on this esteemed academic occasion in Europe. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of US through continued dedication to cutting-edge technology, fostering academic exchange, and transforming healthcare for generations to come.

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EUROSON, Mindray, POCUS, Diagnostic Ultrasound, EUROSON 2023, European medical ultrasound imaging, musculoskeletal US, TE AIR, TEX 20, Resona R9 From May 25-27, Mindray participated in the 34th European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) Congress held in Riga, Latvia.