Latest Somatom Perspective CT scanner launched by Siemens

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16- and 32-slice configurations added to scanner range, with all systems upgradable to 128 slices. Lower operating costs and reduced downtime achievable via eMode function combination with a Siemens service contract.

Two new models join the established CT scanner range entitled Somatom Perspective, known for being exceptionally economical. Presented at last weekend’s JFR French Radiology Paris convention (Journées Françaises de Radiologie), Siemens Healthcare’s innovative 16- and 32 slice configurations make high-end technologies accessible to a wider clientele for the first time. By including optional system upgrades the new types can be boosted to 64- and 128 configurations at a later stage, and thanks to their pioneering eCockpit technology the new Somatom Perspective range is more user-friendly and cost-efficient. The reduction of equipment downtime by more than 20 percent via the entrenched eMode function contributes to an extended service life span. 

These new scanners, available from May 2014, allow Siemens to expand in the lower and medium-priced product segment and as part of the Agenda 2013 Initiative to underline the sector’s competitive strength.

The Somatom Perspective’s two supplementary configurations allow Siemens Healthcare clients to tailor a unique CT system matching their specific clinical requirements: the 16-slice model is suitable for routine scans as well as pain therapy during surgery, the 32-slice design delivers even more detailed images, the 64-slice scanner is impressively fast scanning times while the top of the range 128-slice system boasts an exceptionally short imaging process often desired in paediatrics and cardiology. These four equipment options, coupled with the possibility of system upgrades, make the Somatom Perspective product series a reliable long-term investment.

By including the high-end technology Safire (Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction) for the first time in the new 16- and 32-slice Perspective scanner models, Siemens is offering an iterative image reconstruction method which is able to utilise less radiation, reducing the dose by up to 60 percent, or improve image quality accordingly. Future plans include the option to equip any Somatom Perspective model with since source Dual Energy images, halving the radiation dose through the use of different tube voltages in the scanning process. This provides two image datasets which, when merged, provide not simply morphology information but also supplementary details regarding the scanned tissue composition, allowing the differentiation between metal artificial hip joint implants and tissue or bone structures. 

The eCockpit technology package is designed to reduce scanner operating costs through eStart and save electricity via eSleep, and by including it in all four new models Siemens Healthcare have further enhanced their established eMode function. When in constant use, initial analyses show that in combination with a service contract system downtime this eMode can reduce overall by an additional minimum of 20 percent per year.
The Siemens Service Agreement includes a variety of supplementary discounts and advantages for its customers when eMode is used for at least 80 percent of all CT scans they conduct. 

Source: Siemens

18 October 2013

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Published on : Tue, 22 Oct 2013

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Siemens, CT scans 16- and 32-slice configurations added to scanner range, with all systems upgradable to 128 slices. Lower operating costs and reduced downtime achievable vi

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