#EUSOBI2019: Record Number Attend Budapest Scientific Meeting

#EUSOBI2019: Record Number Attend Budapest Scientific Meeting
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The EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 held in Budapest, Hungary wound up with celebration of increased attendance and a forward look at next year’s congress.

This year the event hit a record level with close to 1000 delegates, mostly from Europe, Australia and the USA attending.


Drawing the congress to a close, EUSOBI President Julia Camps Herrero thanked the Hungarian Society of Radiology, Section of Breast Imaging headed by local organiser, Prof. Gabor Forrai for the rich and wide programme offered over the two-and-a-half-day event.


Several topics dominated this year’s event with the application of AI in Imaging practice a recurring theme. AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are being deployed across Imaging in order to both mitigate both the current and projected shortage of radiologists across Europe and to tackle burnout. However, questions on ethics and concerns about being replaced by machines remain.


Also on the agenda was a focus on the individual uses and fusion of different screening modalities with highlight on the Malmö study on stand-alone tomosynthesis, the recipient of the EUSOBI Award for the Most Quoted Paper.


New insights into risk stratification, staging and follow up, the axilla and the role of Imaging in breast cancer treatment were also presented.


Dr. Herrero handed over the reins to Sophie Zackrisson who invited delegates to attend the 2020 meeting.

EUSOBI2020 will be held in Malmö, Sweden on 1-3 of October, 2020.


Source: HealthManagement.org Live Coverage
Image Credit: HealthManagement.org Live Coverage

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Published on : Sun, 6 Oct 2019

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