EUROSON 2023: Another Hallmark in Ultrasound

EUROSON 2023: Another Hallmark in Ultrasound
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Since the creation of the European Federation of Ultrasound Societies in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) just over 50 years ago, the 34th EUROSON Congress this year was held in the Baltic Region by Congress president Assoc. prof. Maija Radzina, in the historic and vibrating city of Riga, Latvia for the first time.


As the annual showcase/hallmark of EFSUMB, the EUROSON Congress gathers together the most influential experts, specialists and thought-leaders in the field of ultrasound (US). It combines extensive networking, presentations of the latest breakthroughs in clinical, scientific and creative aspects of ultrasound, offers educational sessions, discussions, and in collaboration with industry hands-on sessions display the most recent and emerging US technology.


Picture (from left to right): George Harmat, Maija Radzina, Paul S. Sidhu, Harald Lutz, Caroline Ewertsen, 
Liga Mengelsone, Christian Jenssen, Lubos Hrazdira, Viktors Linovs


EUROSON 2023 encompassed all of this and yet much more. Over three days, the congress delivered more than 800 lectures, covering the latest research and industry innovations, whilst also highlighting effective management in ultrasound, as well as the benefits and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI).


With a total of 994 participants from 55 countries and 175 international speakers, it was a diverse as well a young and dynamic congress, also counting 161 students/trainees. This is certainly thanks to EUROSON 2023 and EFSUMB embracing the new generation and offering a dedicated Pre-Congress School.


Other innovative initiatives included the Ultrasound Public Event with sessions tailored to the local population, as well as the SonoCave, presented in partnership with key industry partners, that gave the opportunity for state-of-the-art ultrasound machines to be present for hands-on teaching experience supervised by experts in the focused fields.


During the opening ceremony, Prof Dr. Med. Christian Jenssen, EFSUMB President, shared his gratitude for the enthusiastic atmosphere and support that was so present to create this inspiring and fruitful event.


As Prof Dr. Med. Christian Jenssen, was passing the baton to Dr Caroline Ewertsen, EFSUMB President-Elect, he stressed the important role of EFSUMB in consolidating the role of ultrasound as a modern imaging modality, in supporting research, as well as establishing equal standards in diagnosis across Europe.


Before getting to his final words, he emphasized how important it is that the European ultrasound family stands united and building bridges among specialities; the ability to maintain and build bridges during these very difficult times, sharing that, ‘It is important to show that a professional community can give an example of peaceful exchanges’.


A welcoming, dynamic, diverse and united European ultrasound family were lauded by the words of Liga Mengelsone, Minister of Health of the Republic of Latvia, during her remarks at the opening ceremony. Mengelsone celebrated and appreciated every specialist who is already working in this field, as well as every student who will decide to specialise in this very important field in the future.


Megelsone further highlighted the healthcare challenges in Europe, stressing how important it is to facilitate patient data sharing in the public and private sector between countries to avoid unnecessary examinations for the patients, reduce the waiting time to receive the diagnoses and allow better and optimal use of human and financial resources.


As she congratulated Prof. Maija Radzina, Dr Viktors Linovs and Prof Dr. Med. Christian Jenssen for such a high-level event in Riga, she added: ‘Ultrasonography is developing very rapidly. It is a very visible discipline, certainly one of the key medical tools with a bright future’.


In addition, during the congress, three personalities with outstanding contributions became Honorary members of EFSUMB 2023: Professor Dr. Harald Lutz, a real pioneer of European Ultrasound, having made significant contributions to the development of ultrasound all over Europe and worldwide; Professor George Harmat, a leading and pioneering expert in neonatal ultrasound in Hungary and Professor Paul S. Sidhu, a pioneer of the introduction of contrast enhanced ultrasound in the UK and internationally recognised as an expert in this field.


The EUROSON2023 Congress proved that ultrasound is a fast-developing diagnostic and therapeutic tool with a bright and important future. This would not be possible without the support of the European ultrasound family, a welcoming, innovative, dynamic and united community.

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Published on : Fri, 2 Jun 2023

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Ultrasound, patient data, EUROSON, EFSUMB, Artificial Intelligence, AI, industry innovations, EUROSON 2023 Since the creation of the European Federation of Ultrasound Societies in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) just over 50 years ago, the 34th EUROSON Congress this year was held in the Baltic Region by Congress president Assoc. prof. Maija Radzina, in the histo

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