Carestream’s Newest Mini-PACS Software Improves DR Imaging Systems

Carestream’s Newest Mini-PACS Software Improves DR Imaging Systems
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In their bid to respond to the needs of urgent care offered in imaging centres and physician’s practices, Carestream’s most recent version of Image Suite Software provides a flexible imaging acquisition platform suitable for processing and storing data. Capable of supporting the company’s CARESTREAM wireless DR  and their CR imaging systems as well as an optional mini-PACS, the newest Image Suite includes Web-based patient scheduling in addition to image review and reporting, and provides flexible archiving options. 

Available worldwide, the software is perfect for urgent care centres, imaging clinics and a wide spectrum of physicians and specialists, including podiatrists, chiropractors and orthopaedists.

Heidi McIntosh, Carestream’s Global Marketing Manager for X-ray Solutions, decribes their latest platform as a flexible solution for customers wishing to transfer from CR to DR, or from film to digital imaging. By offering the same user interface and workflow for both modalities, Carestream’s software reduces training time via a seamless transition. McIntosh goes on to say that an upgrade to DR technology is a minimal investment for existing Image Suite users due to the fact that the same console and software platforms can be kept by enhancing it with a DR detector and the relevant license.

In addition to the current support of the DIRECTVIEW systems, the software now provides for images captured by Carestream’s wireless DR systems using the DRX and the tethered TDR detectors, too.

Progressive reading and reporting tools are delivered via Carestream’s optional mini-PACS along with compatibility on mobile tablets such as iPads, however this availability is exclusive to certain countries outside of the US. A broad variety of specialty measurement tools including Lippman-Cobb angle, goniometry and coxometry are also supported.
Further innovative Image Suite software upgrades include the transfer support of images to OrthoView™ software for orthopaedic pre-operative templating and planning.
By featuring original CARESTREAM OmniLink Software it can securely transmit Web-based imaging studies and deliver many of the abilities of a virtual private network at a fraction of the cost usually associated with these systems. Rapid transmission speeds are offered, enhancing the sharing of images through high-level security features by compressing and encrypting files for transmission. 

Equipped with a notification system, the software can alert sender and receiver when an imaging study is transmitted. Image transfers to a PACS of healthcare facilities outside of the US is supported through the use of cell phones or mobile devices.

Image Suite systems offer DICOM storage for MR, CT and ultrasound exams, and reports attached to studies can be created, edited and viewed thanks to the reporting software. Imaging exams can be output to CD/DVDs, DICOM printers and other PACS systems, and by purchasing PACS, image sharing and vendor-neutral archiving on a pay-per-use basis with Vue for Cloud-Based Services capital investment can be reduced for imaging services providers regardless of their budget.

Source: Carestream

11 November 2013

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Published on : Tue, 12 Nov 2013

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Imaging, Carestream, Software In their bid to respond to the needs of urgent care offered in imaging centres and physician’s practices, Carestream’s most recent version of Image Sui

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