Canon Medical Systems Corporation (Canon Medical) and Olympus Corporation (Olympus) announce an agreement to collaborate on Endoscopic Ultrasound Systems (EUS).


Announced at a press conference in Tokyo today, the aim of this partnership is to provide the market with advanced EUS equipment capable of delivering high-quality diagnosis.


The two companies focus on technological advancements and enhancing diagnostic performance in the EUS field, starting in Japan and Europe with an eye on expanding their reach globally.


In this collaboration, Canon Medical is tasked with the development and production of diagnostic ultrasound systems for Endoscopic Ultrasonography [1] (EUS), while Olympus will handle their sales and marketing.


Since the 1960s Canon Medical has been at the forefront of ultrasound system development pioneering technologies such as A-mode (Amplitude display mode) systems for neurosurgery and linear electronic scanning systems, among others. Canon Medical prides itself on advanced ultrasound image quality and unique technologies like D-THI for enhanced image quality and SMI an imaging technology for detailed visualization of slow and fine blood flow.


Olympus, known for developing the world's first practical gastrocamera, has been instrumental in advancing care standards through early detection, diagnosis, and minimally invasive treatment. In the EUS sphere, Olympus has closely collaborated with physicians to innovate in imaging and diagnostic methods, thereby securing a substantial share of the global market.


The system unveiled today at the press conference in Tokyo combines strengths of the Canon's Aplio i800 [2] diagnostic ultrasound system for EUS with Olympus' Ultrasound Endoscope [3].


The collaboration between Canon Medical and Olympus is poised to bring qualitative advancements in image quality, diagnostic and minimally invasive treatment of EUS, aiming to aid in the early detection of diseases.


Product unveiled Canon Aplio i800 diagnostic ultrasound system for EUS with Olympus Ultrasound Endoscope 


Both Toshio Takiguchi, President and CEO of Canon Medical Systems, and Frank Drewalowski, Executive Officer and Head of the Endoscopic Solutions Division at Olympus, emphasized their commitment to this joint venture.


This partnership is a strategic amalgamation of Canon's renowned ultrasound image quality and proprietary technology with Olympus' expertise in endoscopy and imaging equipment. The goal is to advance imaging and diagnostic techniques, expand procedural capabilities, and secure a significant position in the global market.


Both Takiguchi and Drewalowski expressed their dedication to enhancing the quality and diagnostic performance of EUS, thereby contributing to early disease detection and minimally invasive treatments. 


Toshio Takiguchi emphasized Canon's long-standing commitment to diagnostic imaging, rooted in their philosophy of "Made for Life." He expressed pride in Canon's history of developing unique ultrasound technologies in collaboration with medical professionals worldwide. He noted that the partnership with Olympus, a leader in endoscopy, allows them to extend their reach in the EUS domain, thereby offering better solutions to patients.  Frank Drewalowski echoed these sentiments, highlighting Olympus' mission to enhance patient life quality through early diagnosis using EUS. He lauded the importance of diagnostic ultrasound systems in EUS and expressed satisfaction in partnering with Canon Medical, known for its advanced ultrasound imaging technology. He concluded by underscoring both companies' commitment to meeting the needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and the wider medical community through ongoing product and technology innovations.


Source: Canon

Image Source: Olympus 




[1] This examination uses ultrasound attached to the tip of an endoscope to observe the outer organs (pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, liver, etc.) from the stomach and duodenum. Compared to the approach from the body surface, the target organs can be observed at close range, allowing detailed diagnosis with clearer images. In the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, EUS is recognized as having the same diagnostic capability as contrast-enhanced CT and MRI in the "Guidelines for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment (2022)" in Japan. EUS-FNA (Endoscopic Ultrasonography-FNA: a test to collect tumor cells using an ultrasound endoscope) enables qualitative tissue diagnosis by minimally invasive cell and tissue collection and is established worldwide as a diagnostic method when pancreatic cancer is suspected. In addition to endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), which is the first choice for stent placement for obstructive jaundice, endoscopic ultrasound-assisted biliary drainage (EUS-BD) using the EUS-FNA technique is now available. With the advent of these devices, the endoscopic treatment area of Interventional EUS has been attracting increasing attention in recent years.

[2]  Aplio i800 EUS(TUS-AI800)





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