Agfa HealthCare's MUSICA2 Catheter Processing for DR Launched in North America

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Agfa HealthCare has launched  its MUSICA2 catheter processing software in North America. The product will be on display at AHRA 2013, the Association for Medical Imaging Management's Annual Meeting, July 28-31, 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Designed to increase the visibility of peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) lines and other low contrast, tube-like structures such as endotracheal or feeding tubes, in general radiology applications, catheter processing is a new option within MUSICA2 image processing available in both new and existing Agfa HealthCare DR and CR systems with NX workstation.

Specialised image processing algorithms in the MUSICA2 catheter processing software are tuned to enhance the visibility of the fine, translucent catheter material in a way that improves edge and tip detection. This allows for high clinical confidence and immediate assessment of the line placement.

"Radiographic evaluation of PICC line placement has historically been one of the most challenging aspects of critically ill patient care. Agfa HealthCare is pleased that our advanced image processing capabilities can now make this process much easier for both the clinician and the patient," said Greg Cefalo, US Digital Imaging Unit Business Manager, Agfa HealthCare. "Dense areas in the radiograph and/or complex anatomical structures can easily mask the PICC line, making it difficult and time consuming to verify the exact placement. We've created a special version of MUSICA2 image processing that instantly enhances the catheter detail, causing the line to pop in the image and be clearly identified; this eliminates time-consuming re-processing and more importantly, can reduce the need for additional patient exposures."

MUSICA2 image processing shows soft tissue and boney detail in a single image, across the entire dynamic range, without having to make manual adjustments or windowing or levelling the image in most cases. 

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Published on : Tue, 30 Jul 2013

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Radiology, Agfa, Software Agfa HealthCare has launched its MUSICA2 catheter processing software in North America. The product will be on display at AHRA 2013, the Association for M

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