Evidia invests in expanding and developing its radiology and mammography operations and has recruited Helen Häggström for the assignment. Helen has previously, among other things, been head of Sweden for mammography and x-ray at Unilabs and is a nurse at heart.


- I am very happy that Helen Häggström accepted the assignment to be responsible for growing and developing our radiology and mammography operations. Helen has a unique competence in the field. She has extensive leadership experience and a great ability to develop and lead teams, which she also combines with a solid healthcare background as a nurse, says Magnus Frank, CEO of Evidia.


Helen Häggström is a trained nurse and also has a Master's degree in Business Administration. She most recently comes from an assignment as CEO of a medical technology startup. Helen has extensive experience in various management positions for radiology and mammography both from Unilabs and before that Avesina.


- What attracted me to the assignment and Evidia as a company is above all the entrepreneurial spirit in a pure radiology company. It is a flexible organization with a very fine culture, where it is possible to drive change and build on the business. I know that Evidia works with and invests in quality and employees in a focused way, which are important factors for me, says Helen Häggström.


Evidia currently operates mammography within Region Uppsala and private mammography in Stockholm. The hope is to eventually be able to relieve more regions. Within outpatient radiology, Evidia is located at 12 locations in Stockholm, 10 of which are covered by the agreement with Region Stockholm. 


- My goal is for our mammography and radiology to maintain top quality and deliver the best quality for every tax kroner, offer high availability and be a workplace where employees develop and thrive. Here I see that we have a unique position in that we combine the strength of our international operations with a reasonably large organization with short decision-making paths here in Sweden, says Helen Häggström.


Helen Häggström will take up her position as Evidia's Swedish head of mammography and head of radiology in Stockholm on February 15 and will be part of the company's Swedish management team.


Source: Evidia

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