HealthManagement, Volume 12 - Issue 1, 2012

Dear readers, 

IMAGING Management has long stood for the professional development of competency and excellence, not just in medical imaging management, but all the ancillary roles of a healthcare leader. We are therefore delighted to support the first dedicated Management in Radiology (MIR) led workshop taking place on Saturday, March 3, at 13.00 (Room Q), during this year’s European Congress of Radiology (ECR) and aimed at leaders and Chairmen in medical imaging management as well as for young radiologists looking to accrue and augment critical leadership skills that will advance both their own careers and the professional standing of medical imaging itself. 

Including some of the top figures that work with and inspire IMAGING Management and have done for more than a decade, this workshop will showcase the latest management strategies amongst an international audience. 

Let me also draw your attention to our cover story in this issue, which features the top presentations made during the recently-held Annual Scientific Meeting of Management in Radiology (MIR). Each of the speakers during the congress gave excellent talks on the need and requirements for setting up a standard system for imaging reporting. The first, Jan ML Bosmans reporting from Ghent, covered an indepth study he made into whether radiologists actually prefer or require a reporting template. An extensive look at the IT support required to enact such a system is then examined by the Chair of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) Imaging Informatics Committee in the UK, Dr. Neelam Dugar. A small presentation is then made of the RadLex PlayBook system in the U.S., which was recently presented at the RSNA, and which provides a standard, comprehensive lexicon of radiology orderables and procedure step names. 

Of note in this edition’s feature articles are papers by Editorial Board Member Prof. Hans Blickman, who writes about the changeover and impact of moving from a modality to an organbased workflow, and this is complemented by a paper from Dr. Daniel Boxer, who writes about an IT system for radiology session scheduling. Another notable management-based paper takes a look at the Royal College of Radiologists’ recently updated iRefer guidelines, with the aim of addressing the need for greater justification of imaging exams. 

Our ‘In Focus’ section this edition looks at the unique approach to radiology business management in Algeria, plus an interview with the President of the national society of medical imaging there, Dr. Bendib, which discusses the structure and professional challenges for the profession there. 

I would like to wish you all a fruitful and productive visit to this year’s European Congress of Radiology. I welcome your feedback on any of the papers included in this issue, and urge you to contact myself at the journal on [email protected] to share your management expertise.