Hologic, Inc. announced the availability of the Brevera® Breast Biopsy System 7-gauge needle in Europe. This addition expands the suite of Brevera Disposable Biopsy Needles and provides radiologists with more options for their biopsy procedures.

The Brevera system was the world’s first1* vacuum-assisted breast biopsy solution to integrate tissue acquisition, real-time imaging and verification and post-biopsy handling. Hologic is pleased to now offer an extended selection of biopsy needles to meet customers’ needs.

“The Brevera 7-gauge needle enables radiologists to capture larger samples, potentially reducing  patient discomfort and time under compression,” said Dr. Nisha Sharma, consultant breast radiologist and director of the breast screening programme Leeds/Wakefield, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK. “When Hologic approached me about developing this new needle, I knew it would be something that would benefit my institution and patients. By providing radiologists with needle options, they can have more flexibility when performing biopsies by selecting the needle that works best for the procedure.”

The new disposable 7-gauge needle can be used on the system’s existing reusable device driver, enabling the Brevera system to support new functionality, simplify storage, and reduce waste.2 Like the existing 9-gauge needles, the new addition is simple to use, with saline lavage, integrated anesthetic administration, remote firing, thumbwheel and end-deploy marking.

"Hologic’s Science of Sure promise means that we deliver innovative technologies that help our customers feel confident in their decisions with accurate point-of-care data,” said Tanja Brycker, Vice President of Strategic Development for Breast & Skeletal Health and Gynaecological Surgical Solutions at Hologic. “Feedback from our customers is central to how we develop our solutions. The request was clear - a larger needle for the Brevera system would help meet the needs of more patients. We are pleased to be able to meet that need.”

The Brevera system enables fast, accurate, and streamlined procedures, meaning less compression time, which can result in a more positive and compassionate biopsy experience.3,4 The system’s intuitive user interface, real-time imaging and automated specimen collection and separation can save facilities an average of 13 minutes per procedure.

The Brevera system is designed for use with Hologic’s Affirm® Prone biopsy system and Affirm® breast biopsy guidance system, as well as most upright and prone systems available on the market. For more information about the Brevera system and the new 7-gauge needle, please visit Hologic’s website.


Source & Image Credit:  Hologic



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