The enduring partnership between Bracco and ESR underscores our joint commitment to advancing the radiology industry and enhancing clinical outcomes.


Bracco to unveil a range of cutting-edge innovations and collaborative education initiatives.


Bracco, a world leader in diagnostic imaging, and the European Society of Radiology (ESR), a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to strengthening and unifying European radiology, are proud to announce today a renewed partnership to present “Next Generation Radiology” at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2024.


As a Platinum Supporting Member, Bracco is honored to participate at ECR 2024, where we will serve as a key partner in advancing the next generation of radiology. Join us in Vienna, Austria from February 28 to March 3 for a showcase focused on innovations and educational sessions.


“Since Bracco’s founding in 1927, we have operated with one purpose – to improve people’s lives by shaping the future of precision imaging,” stated Dr. Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, CEO of Bracco Imaging. “Our long-standing partnership with ESR reinforces this commitment, and together at ECR 2024, we aim to ignite the dawn of a new era – one that harmonizes cutting-edge technology with improved clinical outcomes and places radiologists at the forefront of shaping the industry. In addition to our commitment, we actively support radiologists through comprehensive educational programs. These initiatives are designed to equip aspiring professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to thrive in the dynamic field of radiology.”


Expanding on this year’s theme, Bracco will introduce a diverse array of solutions catering to every diagnostic imaging modality. Among these innovations is our groundbreaking MRI contrast agent, which sets a new standard for diagnostic performance with just half the conventional gadolinium dose. Furthermore, we will showcase our latest compact and connected CT injector. This innovative injector ensures both efficient and controlled operation to enhance patient safety while optimizing contrast usage.


“There is no doubt that radiologists play a pivotal role in transforming healthcare, and ESR is poised to empower radiologists with our programming through this transformative period in our industry to redefine patient care,” said Prof. Carlo Catalano, ESR President. “With partners like Bracco, we will delve into the frontiers of radiology with sessions dedicated to innovative technology and healthcare practices.”


In collaboration with ESR, Bracco will host a series of educational sessions tailored for both current and aspiring radiologists, aimed at advancing the field of radiology.


Key innovation- and education-focused programming that Bracco will host include:


Unlocking Next-Gen Radiologists (Bracco and ESR)
Thursday, Feb. 29th, 17.00 – 19.00, Room E1

  • Navigating Tomorrow: Unveiling the Expectations of Young Radiologists in ‘The Future of Radiology’
  • Bridging Generations in Radiology Education


The Future is Now: The Novel GBCA Gadopiclenol
Friday, March 1st; 12.30 – 13.30; Room E1

  • The clinical value of high relaxivity
  • Implementation of Gadopiclenol as the extracellular agent for Body MRI Applications
  • Experience with Gadopiclenol for MRI of the CNS


Shaping the Future of Diagnostic Imaging
Saturday, March 2nd, 12.30 – 13.30; Room E1

  • Healthcare: road to 2050
  • The future of Radiology
  • Meeting emerging needs (exploring the future of diagnostic imaging tailored to individual patient needs)


Source: ESR

Image Credit: Bracco


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