The European Congress of Radiology (ECR), organized by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), offers an opportunity for radiologists and multidisciplinary professionals worldwide to meet and engage around the latest radiological advancements and research results. As a hub for knowledge exchange, the congress displays many educational resources and encourages innovation and collaboration. Leveraging this international audience, Canon Medical Systems Europe (hereinafter ‘Canon Medical’) unveils 4 major innovations for radiologists, and confirms its commitment to the future of radiology.


Aplio Me: An Exceptional Combination of Image Quality and Ergonomic Design for Today’s Environmental Challenges

Sitting at only 14 kilograms, Aplio Me is the lightest in its class, and easy to move, roll and use at the bedside, within a medical department or across an hospital. This mobility is served by internal batteries allowing the device to operate for two hours, or even four hours with an optional bigger battery. Aplio Me benefits from the new Canon Medical brand design recently rolled out across the whole ecosystem and stands out for its improved ergonomic design: height is adjustable, and the console swivels to ensure comfortable use in a variety of clinical situations. Transducers are easy to plug in, and featherweight to avoid fatigue in intensive usage, while offering the widest field of view in the market.


The system’s design allows for full modularity, and its customizable operation can be applied to various settings by switching out the transducers. Tailored to the exact needs of its user, Aplio Me allows physicians to focus on patient care and not spend much time on system setup or optimization: multipurpose options are plug and play. Quality of care also comes from an excellent image quality, on par with other systems higher in the range. LCD technology was chosen for the screen, but software optimization offers a resolution comparable to OLED screens.


Aplio Me integrates AI (Altivity) to optimize workflow efficiency and exam consistency, and ease of use. Sustainability was not forgotten, and efforts were made to reduce energy consumption. The platform is a versatile solution that can grow and evolve with the hospital needs, turning its versatility and performance into economic impact for clinics and hospitals of varying sizes.


Key Highlights of Aplio me

  • High Performance & compactness: outstanding image quality in a compact design.
  • Versatile: ideal for various medical settings, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.
  • Quiet: ensures a calm environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • AI Integration: enhances workflow efficiency, exam consistency and ease of use.
  • Wise investment: a sustainable and versatile choice for high-performance.



Xavion: The Ultimate in Remote-Controlled Digital R/F

Equipped with the wireless Canon CXDI-B1 detector, the Xavion provides a cost-effective solution to ensure diagnostic excellence for both static and dynamic scenarios. The singular-detector design avoids the need for a second detector for manual and out-of-tray examinations. Detector can be removed and used in another device. This versatility in modern fluoroscopy makes the Xavion a reliable option to ensure diagnostic excellence.



In the clinical setting, this ultra-low dose X-ray can be used in two scenarios, depending on hospital set up and country preferences: dynamic fluoroscopy only, or static/dynamic usage in a common radiology room. New software is being rolled out with the solution, and integrates AI to enhance the imaging experience by reducing noise and simultaneous edge and contrast enhancement. Deep learning post-processing produces exceptional clarity in soft and dense tissue, providing accurate diagnosis.


The interface and software suite are intuitive and user-friendly, and offers to users various intelligent automation features and full remote control. The impact on efficiency is immediate as time for preparation and patient positioning is greatly reduced and the workflow vastly streamlined. The system automatically adapts to patient morphology and user's commands on the touch screen console. Ergonomics are also improved, with the motorised table being able to go low to facilitate patient installation.


Aquilion ONE INSIGHT Edition and Serve SP: Two CT Solutions with Continued Focus on AI and Workflow

Canon migrated its Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Technology (DLR) across the full range of CT solutions, from premium systems down to entry-level. This new technology delivers high-quality imaging at low doses, making its low noise, improved spatial resolution, and exceptional dose reduction benefits accessible to all patients. Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition and Aquilion Serve SP are innovative assets to simplify and streamline CT workflow, making the scan experience more efficient for patients and operators.


Patients positioning is fully automatized, and embedded cameras can assist the user by recognizing automatically where to start scanning for the zone chosen on the touch screen. This one-button positioning and angle setup improves efficiency and faster throughput.


The streamlined workflow experience and ease of use reduce healthcare professional burden, and has a direct impact on staffing. With complex examinations simplified, training needs are drastically reduced, while keeping imaging results consistent.


The solutions redefine excellence in medical imaging by delivering high-resolution images, and reducing the dose and contrast media, all with groundbreaking performance.



Canon will also unveil research results on Photon-Counting CT, paving the way towards superior quantitativity and higher detectability of lesions, at lower exposure doses than with conventional systems. A seminar by Radboud University based on the first-hand experience of using PCCT is scheduled on March 1.


Image Credit: Canon Medical 


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