JFR 2020 - Journées Francophones de Radiologie Diagnostique & Interventionnelle

JFR 2020 - Journées Francophones de Radiologie Diagnostique & Interventionnelle

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JFR presents the opportunity to meet, debate and update our knowledge. Radiology is changing rapidly. Medical imaging is becoming more and more easily accessible, more and more precise, and interventional radiology continues to grow. We are involved in all stages of the care journey: screening, diagnosis, therapeutic follow-up, targeted treatments, ethical decisions to stop care, etc. All the technological advances raise questions of a medical nature, but also human and societal. The radiologist of tomorrow will be, even more than today, at the crossroads of new missions: to explain to patients the images detected, to cooperate with surgeons for specialised interventions, to establish effective care pathways with generalists, to collaborate with public health physicians to interpret lots of data, to interact with engineers and magistrates to explain the limitations of science data and to communicate with patient organisations to better understand needs and to be able to inform widely about good practices.

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