The Ventilator Training Alliance (VTA) app released earlier this year by Getinge and other major ventilator manufacturers now surpasses 60,000 downloads and receives innovation awards while continuing to support frontline medical workers during COVID-19.

Earlier this year Getinge joined forces together with other ventilator manufacturers to form the Ventilator Training Alliance (VTA). The aim was to support frontline medical providers by providing access to a centralized repository of ventilator training via a mobile app.

The VTA app, that helps provide critical respiratory health information to users in no less than 196 countries, recently surpassed 60,000 downloads.

“In a time when it is needed the most, we came together to impact global health care by supporting frontline medical providers to access a centralized repository of ventilator training while treating patients who suffer from illnesses such as COVID-19,” says Charles Merchant, Senior Director Global Therapy Development Acute Care Therapies at Getinge.

The Stevie Awards and the IT World Awards have also recognized the VTA as an innovative COVID-19 response.

“This represents just how impactful the work we are doing together is and we are eager to continue this journey together. Ventilators play a critical role in the management of patients who require assistance because they cannot breathe effectively due to severe respiratory illness. Speed and ease of access to ventilator training has a direct impact on patients’ health,” explains Charlie Merchant.

Content on the VTA app can be accessed on iOS and Android devices — even in environments with little to no Wi-Fi access — or from a web browser. The app provides health care professionals multi-language closed captioning and mobile background audio when multitasking.

How to Access the Ventilator Training Alliance Hub
The app is provided at no cost to medical professionals. To download the Ventilator Training Alliance knowledge hub application, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play store, or access the hub from any Web browser.

Check out a video overview of the VTA app.


About the VTA
The VTA consists of Dräger, GE Healthcare, Hamilton Medical, Medtronic, Philips, Vyaire Medical, Nihon Kohden and Getinge. The mobile app is managed by Allego.

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