More space in patients' rooms - that is a strong desire in many hospitals. It is needed around the beds for treatments and successful mobilisation of the patients. The slim, lightweight Quado bedside cabinet from Stiegelmeyer is a great help. It can be moved aside effortlessly at any time and never gets in the way. Thanks to its intelligent layout, the Quado also offers sufficient storage space. These advantages make it the ideal bedside cabinet for small ICU rooms, multi-bed rooms  and wards with a short length of stay where patients do not bring too many personal belongings. The Quado receives high praise from nursing staff because it keeps rooms tidy all on its own.


The height-adjustable Quado combines the best features of a server and a bedside cabinet. The large, damped fold-down bedside tabletop allows for enjoyable meals in bed or ample storage place. Two open compartments on both sides as well as a drawer that can be pulled out on both sides offer space for neatly storing care utensils, drinks and snacks or reading material. With its discreetly elegant grey colour, the Quado blends harmoniously into any setting and matches all beds.


Other possible uses

Due to its good manoeuvrability and the varied layout, the Quado is suitable for many tasks. For example, it can be used as a ward trolley to transport medication or cleaning supplies from room to room. In the ICU, the large bedside tabletop serves as a writing surface for documentation. Optional monitor holders and USB extension cables transform the Quado into a modern media centre.


Transport and storage

The easy transport of the Quado provides relief in everyday life. It can be attached to the head or footboard of almost all current Stiegelmeyer hospital and ICU beds without any effort and thus be pushed together with the bed by only one person when a patient is transferred. This saves the deployment of additional staff who are more urgently needed elsewhere. It is also no longer necessary to move a patient's personal belongings from one bedside cabinet to another with time-consuming inventory to assure that all belongings are accounted for. If several Quado bedside cabinets are to be stored for a while, they can be pushed into each other to save space.


Reliable hygiene

Almost more than beds, bedside cabinets have surfaces which come into contact with hands, and the German Robert Koch Institute has issued a special advisory to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. Table tops, rails or drawer handles are touched by many people - especially by outside visitors. Since people eat and drink at the overbed tables, they are also exposed to regular contamination.


Stiegelmeyer has therefore paid particular attention to good hygiene properties in the design of the Quado. The bedside cabinet, which is largely made of plastic, is easy to handle even during manual reprocessing. Its ergonomically shaped body has no sharp corners or niches where dirt could get stuck. The drawer can be completely removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. For the hygiene staff in the hospital, all this means a noticeable relief and a significant gain in time.


Even faster and more thorough is the reprocessing in an automated washing system. The Quado is suitable for machine cleaning and disinfection as standard. Here, too, it can simply be attached to a bed and pushed into the wash cell together. In this way, the Quado supports the fight against multi-resistant germs and promotes hygiene that can be validated, the importance of which is likely to increase significantly once again, especially in the aftermath of the Corona pandemic.



Image 1: The overbed table of the Quado can be pushed far over the bed. The body moves with the height adjustment so that the patient can easily reach personal items.


Image 2: The practical bedside cabinet Quado can be attached to the bed and be moved together with the patient.


Image 3: The Quado bedside cabinet is machine-washable as standard. Smooth design also facilitates manual reprocessing.

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