HAMILTON-C1: Minimum Size for Maximum Performance

HAMILTON-C1: Minimum Size for Maximum Performance
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Requiring only a minimum of space, the HAMILTON-C1 mechanical ventilator combines maximum mobility with invasive and noninvasive modes, as well as high flow oxygen therapy. 

The integrated high-performance turbine enables the HAMILTON-C1 to be completely independent of compressed air. This makes it an ideal companion for all patient groups in the intensive care unit, emergency ward, recovery room or intermediate care, long-term acute care facilities, and during intrahospital transport. 

New integrated high flow oxygen therapy
The HAMILTON-C1 offers the option of an integrated high flow oxygen therapy mode*. With this enhancement, the HAMILTON-C1 gives you variety of ventilation and therapy options in one device, including invasive and noninvasive ventilation, and high flow oxygen therapy. In just a few steps, you can change the interface and use the same device and breathing circuit to accommodate your patient’s needs. 

Give your patients a voice 

In pressure-controlled modes (PCV+, SPONT, PSIMV+), an optional feature* enables the use of conventional speaking valves with the HAMILTON-C1. Monitoring, triggering, and alarm management have been adjusted to allow their use. 

*Currently available in EU and EFTA member states and other countries that recognize CE marking. Contact Hamilton Medical to enquire about availability in other markets. Not yet available in the USA. 

Source & Image Credit: Hamilton Medical

Published on : Tue, 11 Oct 2016

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