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If you haven't set foot in the wonderful world of Twitter yet, we recommend Getting started on Twitter, which Adrian Wong and Steve Mathieu wrote for ICU Management. As they rightly observed, "The days of writing notes at conferences (if you did in the first place) have also gone if the conference is well covered by avid Twitter users. Photos of conference slides, posters and equipment at trade exhibitions can also be tweeted and shared."

Expect plenty of Tweets about ISICEM 2016 #ISICEM16. The blog shared what we think are a handy 10 tips for tweeting from conferences:

  1. Make sure you know the event #hashtag - for ISICEM it is #ISICEM16
  2. Engage with people prior to the event
  3. Get Twitter handles of speakers in advance
  4. Capture the essence of the conversations
  5. Keep the conversation going
  6. Quote speakers correctly
  7. Tweet compelling visual content
  8. Connect with other fellow delegates
  9. Tweet consistently but wisely
  10. Continue tweeting after the event

If you are a speaker at ISICEM, do provide your Twitter handle on your opening slide. These days, speakers should expect to be tweeted, unless you specifically ask delegates not to Tweet.

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Published on : Fri, 11 Mar 2016

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